Stuart & Lindsay’s Photo Booth!


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Stuart & Lindsay's Photo Booth!

We had an absolute blast designing and running SnL’s photo booth at their (GORGEOUS) wedding this weekend. As one of the many amazing things we were able to participate in, we want to share with you here just how blessed we are for this opportunity. Take a link!


Wedding Week!


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My oh my, has it been awhile! It goes without saying that we have things to catch up on.

First, however, I would like to point out that we are halfway through the week before the wedding, and it couldn’t be going any better! This couple is one of the most dynamic I’ve come across in life. Without their vision and unity as a team this whole production wouldn’t be the same. It has been a blessing to have worked with them…and we haven’t even made it to the weekend!! Stupac and Linda (nicknames) have  lovingly thought out a weekend of R&R for their loved ones, and have really set the bar for weekend weddings. Just. You. Wait.


This is a little behind-the-scenes peek at what we’ve been up to, we gathered a few friends to score and fold favors, and might I say we owned! I love bridesmaids and groomsman that ban together the weeks before, while simultaneously representing the “party” in Bridal Party! Thats love right there.

I’m off to run errands, thanks for your patience, and your enthusiasm.

Wedding Week!



Trend Alert!


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As I have been reading fashion blogs, one trend that keeps popping up (and that I am sure I will be investing in soon) is the bubble necklace trend. These fun necklaces are characterized by larger beads that are set in a cascading pattern. J. Crew has featured this style of necklace for a while now, but you can find similar versions all over the internet. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you!


The reason why these necklaces are perfect to pair with a wedding dress that has a simple bodice is because they provide a pop of color. Depending on the length of the necklace it can highlight your collar bones or it can unite your decolletage and your dress. Because these neckaces have a repeating pattern, the visual weight they carry is significant. They will fantastic with a sweetheart neckline As a result, this single piece of jewelry makes such a fun statement that can be restated with a variety of different outfits after your wedding!


Ombré is such a huge trend right now and here at Alder + Gold we wanted to share some unique ways to incorporate this trend in subtle ways. The trick is to not allow a trend to overwhelm a wedding, but rather to allow a couple’s story to shine forth!


A surprising way to include this trend is inside your cake. This pop of color takes a simple cake to the next level. The unexpectedness of the ombré cake is perfect for the couple who is striving for a more traditional celebration, but still want to have a spot of fun!

Another fun way to include ombré is in a signature cocktail drink. It is a subtle way to not only share your favorite drink ingredients, but also your favorite colors.

This fun photobooth backdrop is an easy diy! The transition of colors is achieved through buying paper in your celebration color and then varying the shades that surround it.

The ombré frosting on this six tiered cake is another fun way to incorporate the trend. Because it is a subtle change over several layers it isn’t like the trend is overstated. Rather it adds visual interest and texture. And if a couple isn’t anticipating using ombré anywhere else, this frosting technique could be done using cream to white!

Centerpieces are easy to ombré through varying the colors of the flowers while keeping the style of flowers the same. We love how these zinnias are used as a single flower in a bud vase, but combined so that the center of the table is completely covered.

This save the date card uses ombré in a unique way. The chevron prints, as an individual print, is not ombré, but by varying the colors in each section, the ombré

This wedding runner is such a fun way to use this trend. While it clearly couldn’t be created using your adorable nieces  it can be created through color blocking rose petals on the runner. If the aisle is short, then consider covering it entirely, but if the aisle is longer, consider highlighting the family rows and the stage! This could also be done more subtly by scattering the varied rose petals less thickly than pictured!

The final, and most common, way to incorporate this trend is through bridesmaid dresses. Picking a color and allowing your girls to choose different shades and then arranging them from lightest to darkest is a great way to allow your girls to express their personality and style!

Ombré, we love you!

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We are all telling a story and a wedding is just another chance to share that story with others. Using words in a creative way is just another chance to let your guests see your story as you want to tell it!!!


There are so many different ways to use words to tell your story. The first way is so very literal. On the left is an invitation that tells the couple’s story in an unique way that is visually interesting. Another way to share details about your history is through the songs that you use in your ceremony. A framed copy of the words can be displayed at a table so that guests are able to read the words.


Invitations are such a great way to start sharing your vision for the wedding. A couple whose reception will feature local brews could send out round invites that are reminiscent of coasters. A couple that desires a formal evening wedding will use invitations similar to the gold and coral ones. These invitations hint at tradition through the use of wording and fonts, but are still modern due to their color. A middle ground is the invitation on the right. The mix of fonts, fun words and color hint at a party to remember!

When we think about using words during the ceremony, we immediately think of the vows that the couple exchanges. These vows, however, are just one way that a couple uses words to share their day with others. The first way to really communicate what you believe is important is through your wedding program. These brown paper bag programs not only list the ceremony details, but are filled with pompoms to shower the couple with as they run down the aisle.  On a more sentimental note, both the handkerchief for the father of the bride and the groom’s note on the bride’s shoe are sweet ways to capture the feelings of your day forever!

The reception is another great place to use words to communicate your style. A thank you note at each place in fun fonts nods to the value that you place on your friends and family. Labeling your desserts is not only informative it adds a touch of whimsy with the use of hand lettering. Finally a seating chart (or lack there of) speaks to the familiarity that the bride and groom have with their friends. A more laid back reception could feature a sign that sweetly states “sit together,” while a reception that has a seating chart can creatively label an object to let the guest know where to sit. A sign above the jars tells guests that these jars double as favors and their drinking glasses for the night!

After the wedding, simple stationary can remind you of your special day with a single embossed word -love – in your font and color.

Words are a fun way to inject individuality and personality into your entire ceremony. Consistent fonts help your entire wedding seem like a single event, from invitations to thank you notes. These words, however, should not just be stuck on a page. Instead, they can be found on unexpected surfaces and places!

story invitationround invitations • jar seating chart • lunch bag program • invitation on the right • handkerchief •  labelled desserts • stationary love song print • sit together signformal coral invites   

Garden Party

On rainy days like this its always a good idea to look to the beautiful, green, lush days ahead. All the wet and grey will one day lift, leaving us with something beautiful. Spring.

This may be a little early but my sights are already set on the pretty posies and sunny afternoons of springtime. Naturally, this daydream wouldn’t be complete without a litte garden-party-pretty; so here it is!


The garden party theme is one that has been around since the beginning of beautiful weddings…and for a reason! Depending on where you live, the colors and flowers you choose, and when you’re throwing your affair, the outcome can be completely yours!

Its a theme that is founded on your florals and textiles, so start there. If you base your invitations, colors, and patterns off of your favorite garden rose, you won’t have to look further than your own backyard for inspiration! Next decide if you’re inviting guests to a formal high tea, or a humble backyard afternoon affair. Stick to the classics with your sweets and drinks, using them to compliment your color palette (while pleasing your guest’s palettes 🙂  Once you’ve decided where you’re coming from, it won’t be hard to figure out exactly where the rest should go!

Whether you’re dreaming of sunnier days like us, or are thinking forward to your springtime events, look to nature for your inspiration, and let the pretty speak for itself!