Found this little gem whilst searching through old emails to myself for a to-do list…really glad I did 😉


This is one of many many thank-you notes the ever talented Leah Dieterich has shared on her blog thxthxthx. I obviously sent this one to myself for a reason, maybe for the very time and place which is today. You see, Alder + Gold is a personal project that has been in my head and heart and random bar napkins shamelessly shoved in my purse for quite some time now. Its encouraging, that in its place and time, it has begun to take shape and form here…and that YOU are sharing in my little project, my little window.

Its funny how those special projects or ideas or inspirations, while more a part of us than other things we spend time doing, are the ones that go un-shared. Its actually feels amazing to be brave with my vision and give little pieces of it away, seeing it blossom and transform… (despite getting dusty on the shelves or set aside by life sometimes). Like Leah, today I am thankful for this project, for Alder + Gold, and for YOU listening and sharing.

Anyway, on the heels of thanksgiving, and finding this note (and MANY other great ones! Check her out 😉 I encourage you to take a second and find something sitting right in front of you to be thankful for, something to find purpose and a tiny bit of joy or peace in. You won’t regret it!