The inspiration for this board began with the photo from Turkey. The blue roof and the gold design was pinned almost immediately, but they sat alone. I loved the bold graphic print and the vibrant colors – what a fun way to inject energy into a winter wedding.

Next I want to talk about the bridesmaid dresses that I pinned. I would never put the dresses in the same wedding, but I love the way they both reflect the geometric patterns in different ways. The blue dress does it subtly, using the draping to construct a pattern of lines. The black dress uses the bold gold circles, in which repetition is the pattern. The bangles, in the upper left corner, would go fantastically well with either dress!!!


The candle holders and the cake both use more subtle uses of pattern that have a bold impact. The reason why these patterns have such an impact is because they are on a static background. This same principle should be applied to the whole wedding. Patterns are fun, but they can be overwhelming. Letting several patterns speak for themselves is the simplest and elegant-est way to go!

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