Pearls are so classic, it almost seems as if they were made for weddings! Here is our take on incorporating pearls into your special day!

The inspiration for this board actually came from the photo of the navy skirt with the white sweater. This classic pairing would be perfect for bridesmaids, not an exact copy, but a navy dress with white flowers and pearls would do the trick.

We chose two very different ways to incorporate the pearl concept into this board. The first way is more of a illusion of pearls. The boutineers and the center bouquet are prime examples. These pieces embody the round softness of the pearl.  Another way we chose to highlight this aspect of the pearl was through the cake pop favors. Cake pops could very possibly be the next cupcake! The other photo that shows a more conceptual translation is the on the far right. Both the lights and the texture on the plates (you might need to smoosh your face into your screen to see it) are very pearl like. This nod to the roundness and lightness of pearls is a little more obscure, but will translate well into your celebration.

The other representation of pearls is very literal. We tried to show you several ways to incorporate the pearl in practical ways. The first is a traditional necklace and hair piece. Pearls do wonders as jewelry because they reflect light and seem to glow! As illustrated, there are several options. A multi-strand choker, a longer necklace or earrings. Another, less traditional, method is to use them in your bouquet. This broach bouquet is a trend that we love. What a unique way to incorporate past generations into your ceremony! We also love the pearl napkin rings and including a string of pearl beads with your champagne. It is a classy way to use these traditional wedding staples in an unexpected manner!

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