Portland! It’s the place that Alder + Gold calls home and so we thought it was time to highlight the Portland feeling in a wedding.


The inspiration for this board was actually the center picture – the bride with the plaid shirt!To us, nothing says PNW (and Portland) like plaid! Portland weddings are known for the abundance of neutrals that allow for the bride and groom’s (and the wedding partly’s) personality to shine forth!!! Therefore, we chose to highlight, creams (shoes and flowers) and greys (groomsmen). These tones fade into the background and allow the pops of color (the red heels, the plaid shirt) to stand out. Notice the bridesmaid’s tattoos. In the past, these would have been covered – but we encourage brides to celebrate the uniqueness of her friends!!!

Another major Portland factor in this board is the focus on what a couple loves! The favors we highlighted are Voodoo Donuts (which is one of our favorite places to take out of town friends). We also love the idea of having your favorite food cart cater part of your wedding!!! The bride and groom can take photos with a favorite possession (cameras) and then incorporate it into decor. And an outdoor-loving bride and groom might make their seating chart from rounds sawed off of a local tree!!! These place cards can also be taken home and enjoyed as coasters long after the wedding.

The final tribute way to incorporate the Portland Spirit into a wedding is through embracing the chalk! Chalk is such a simple way to add personality to a wedding. From the bottoms of glasses to signage it creates a background for displaying fonts and colors from the wedding decor!It is a versatile project that can be incorporated into many different styles of weddings and is a trend that we want to see more of!

PS. We love the idea of running through a tunnel of sparklers as you leave the reception. The magical feelings are the perfect way to end a perfect day!

Tattoo Bridesmaid • Voodoo Doughnuts • Champagne Glasses • Food Cart • Red Heels • Groomsmen • Toms Lace Shoes • Flowers • Sparklers • Seating Chart • Vintage Cameras • Dress • Welcome to Portland Sign