Why do we love burlap so much? It is like the chambray shirt of weddings! Burlap has become a neutral that adds texture without having a huge visual impact. But here is the deal. At Alder + Gold we believe your wedding should be unique. To help you out, we have assembled some alternatives to burlap! Check em’ out!


The first option is linen. In cream and brown it can serve as a more refined version of burlap, or it can be found in a variety of other neutral colors! This fabric is perfect for table linens, bunting and can be incorporated into the outfits of the bridal party.

Another option is chambray. Chambray is a cousin to linen. Thanks to the fashion world, this blue fabric has become a neutral. Again this is a perfect fabric for bridal party and pendants. It could also be a great pattern to transfer onto paper goods!

One thing that burlap rocks at it is versatility. It is so easy to wrap things with burlap. An alternative to that is rope. Rope has a lot of options – it can be wrapped around vases, bouquets, invitations ect. The beauty of rope is that it comes in so many different textures and colors!

How would you use these alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!!!

And lets be honest, we still love burlap!