It all started with a little bit of confetti. And the worlds cutest couple. And New Year’s Eve. Anyways, we were in a party mood and Stuart and Lindsay were the perfect excuse to celebrate!


The theme for this party was color based – bright red, aqua blue and gold. This foundation provided all kinds of inspiration. Our foods of choices reflected these colors and were the ever-delicious hot tamales, caramel corn, peanuts and cupcakes courtesy of Cakes by Design!


We also incorporated these colors into our signature champagne punch through the use of blueberries and cranberries.


What party is complete without a photobooth??? We used hand-made wooden props to create hipster-esque photos. The backdrop itself was straightforward – tinsel garland and strips of fabric looped over string. It added some visual interest to the otherwise simple brick wall!


We personalized the party by displaying some of Stuart and Lindsay’s favorite photos of each other, signage that told the world what the couple loved about each other and by creating a custom playlist based on their favorite songs. Another fun way that we were able to honor the couple was through the creation of our very own hashtag for the event. Such a simple, yet fun, way to share the couple’s personality!


The end result was a super fun bash at our very Jacque’s house that ended with a dance party!!!


To tell the truth, this is a party that you could throw as well!!! Simple design elements, such as repeating fonts and colors, are an easy way to create a party that makes sense aesthetically.

Another trick we discovered was a fun way to incorporate our desktop computer into the party. We set the screensaver to show pictures of our couple. It took no time at all, yet had a huge visual impact!


Thanks so much to Stuart, Lindsay and their friends for making this a night to remember!!!!