On rainy days like this its always a good idea to look to the beautiful, green, lush days ahead. All the wet and grey will one day lift, leaving us with something beautiful. Spring.

This may be a little early but my sights are already set on the pretty posies and sunny afternoons of springtime. Naturally, this daydream wouldn’t be complete without a litte garden-party-pretty; so here it is!


The garden party theme is one that has been around since the beginning of beautiful weddings…and for a reason! Depending on where you live, the colors and flowers you choose, and when you’re throwing your affair, the outcome can be completely yours!

Its a theme that is founded on your florals and textiles, so start there. If you base your invitations, colors, and patterns off of your favorite garden rose, you won’t have to look further than your own backyard for inspiration! Next decide if you’re inviting guests to a formal high tea, or a humble backyard afternoon affair. Stick to the classics with your sweets and drinks, using them to compliment your color palette (while pleasing your guest’s palettes 🙂  Once you’ve decided where you’re coming from, it won’t be hard to figure out exactly where the rest should go!

Whether you’re dreaming of sunnier days like us, or are thinking forward to your springtime events, look to nature for your inspiration, and let the pretty speak for itself!