We are all telling a story and a wedding is just another chance to share that story with others. Using words in a creative way is just another chance to let your guests see your story as you want to tell it!!!


There are so many different ways to use words to tell your story. The first way is so very literal. On the left is an invitation that tells the couple’s story in an unique way that is visually interesting. Another way to share details about your history is through the songs that you use in your ceremony. A framed copy of the words can be displayed at a table so that guests are able to read the words.


Invitations are such a great way to start sharing your vision for the wedding. A couple whose reception will feature local brews could send out round invites that are reminiscent of coasters. A couple that desires a formal evening wedding will use invitations similar to the gold and coral ones. These invitations hint at tradition through the use of wording and fonts, but are still modern due to their color. A middle ground is the invitation on the right. The mix of fonts, fun words and color hint at a party to remember!

When we think about using words during the ceremony, we immediately think of the vows that the couple exchanges. These vows, however, are just one way that a couple uses words to share their day with others. The first way to really communicate what you believe is important is through your wedding program. These brown paper bag programs not only list the ceremony details, but are filled with pompoms to shower the couple with as they run down the aisle.  On a more sentimental note, both the handkerchief for the father of the bride and the groom’s note on the bride’s shoe are sweet ways to capture the feelings of your day forever!

The reception is another great place to use words to communicate your style. A thank you note at each place in fun fonts nods to the value that you place on your friends and family. Labeling your desserts is not only informative it adds a touch of whimsy with the use of hand lettering. Finally a seating chart (or lack there of) speaks to the familiarity that the bride and groom have with their friends. A more laid back reception could feature a sign that sweetly states “sit together,” while a reception that has a seating chart can creatively label an object to let the guest know where to sit. A sign above the jars tells guests that these jars double as favors and their drinking glasses for the night!

After the wedding, simple stationary can remind you of your special day with a single embossed word -love – in your font and color.

Words are a fun way to inject individuality and personality into your entire ceremony. Consistent fonts help your entire wedding seem like a single event, from invitations to thank you notes. These words, however, should not just be stuck on a page. Instead, they can be found on unexpected surfaces and places!

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