About Us

Hi there!
Alder and Gold is a place where stylish brides to be come for inspiration, practical DIYs, and a look into the real weddings of the Pacific Northwest..

A little about OUR inspiration…
The alder tree is native to the northwest, standing tall and strong, symbolizing strength, versatility, and adaptability. It thrives in coastal areas where other trees can’t weather the storms, it’s bark, red inside, can be used to treat poison, and it sheds leaves in the winter while still creating life through its cones. It is a strong symbol to represent the natural strength and beauty found in the Pacific Northwest, and is inspiring in its rustic beauty.
Like the alder tree, weddings are so much more than something pretty to look at. They are a strong and beautiful statement, Made by two people… an inspiring event that lives on and on despite storms, trends, or changes in life. And in a crazy world like ours today, they can be a symbol of persistence, commitment, and hope.
And that, is something we want to be a part of.
Join us?.



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