Stuart and Lindsay: Engagement Party

It all started with a little bit of confetti. And the worlds cutest couple. And New Year’s Eve. Anyways, we were in a party mood and Stuart and Lindsay were the perfect excuse to celebrate!


The theme for this party was color based – bright red, aqua blue and gold. This foundation provided all kinds of inspiration. Our foods of choices reflected these colors and were the ever-delicious hot tamales, caramel corn, peanuts and cupcakes courtesy of Cakes by Design!


We also incorporated these colors into our signature champagne punch through the use of blueberries and cranberries.


What party is complete without a photobooth??? We used hand-made wooden props to create hipster-esque photos. The backdrop itself was straightforward – tinsel garland and strips of fabric looped over string. It added some visual interest to the otherwise simple brick wall!


We personalized the party by displaying some of Stuart and Lindsay’s favorite photos of each other, signage that told the world what the couple loved about each other and by creating a custom playlist based on their favorite songs. Another fun way that we were able to honor the couple was through the creation of our very own hashtag for the event. Such a simple, yet fun, way to share the couple’s personality!


The end result was a super fun bash at our very Jacque’s house that ended with a dance party!!!


To tell the truth, this is a party that you could throw as well!!! Simple design elements, such as repeating fonts and colors, are an easy way to create a party that makes sense aesthetically.

Another trick we discovered was a fun way to incorporate our desktop computer into the party. We set the screensaver to show pictures of our couple. It took no time at all, yet had a huge visual impact!


Thanks so much to Stuart, Lindsay and their friends for making this a night to remember!!!!


Fresh Finish!


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I LOVE how this bride (or the florist she picked) chose to end her bouquet. The corsage pins add visual interest and another unique detail. This is another easy way to incorporate your wedding colors by using colored pins instead! 

Alternatives to Burlap

Why do we love burlap so much? It is like the chambray shirt of weddings! Burlap has become a neutral that adds texture without having a huge visual impact. But here is the deal. At Alder + Gold we believe your wedding should be unique. To help you out, we have assembled some alternatives to burlap! Check em’ out!


The first option is linen. In cream and brown it can serve as a more refined version of burlap, or it can be found in a variety of other neutral colors! This fabric is perfect for table linens, bunting and can be incorporated into the outfits of the bridal party.

Another option is chambray. Chambray is a cousin to linen. Thanks to the fashion world, this blue fabric has become a neutral. Again this is a perfect fabric for bridal party and pendants. It could also be a great pattern to transfer onto paper goods!

One thing that burlap rocks at it is versatility. It is so easy to wrap things with burlap. An alternative to that is rope. Rope has a lot of options – it can be wrapped around vases, bouquets, invitations ect. The beauty of rope is that it comes in so many different textures and colors!

How would you use these alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!!!

And lets be honest, we still love burlap!


Portland! It’s the place that Alder + Gold calls home and so we thought it was time to highlight the Portland feeling in a wedding.


The inspiration for this board was actually the center picture – the bride with the plaid shirt!To us, nothing says PNW (and Portland) like plaid! Portland weddings are known for the abundance of neutrals that allow for the bride and groom’s (and the wedding partly’s) personality to shine forth!!! Therefore, we chose to highlight, creams (shoes and flowers) and greys (groomsmen). These tones fade into the background and allow the pops of color (the red heels, the plaid shirt) to stand out. Notice the bridesmaid’s tattoos. In the past, these would have been covered – but we encourage brides to celebrate the uniqueness of her friends!!!

Another major Portland factor in this board is the focus on what a couple loves! The favors we highlighted are Voodoo Donuts (which is one of our favorite places to take out of town friends). We also love the idea of having your favorite food cart cater part of your wedding!!! The bride and groom can take photos with a favorite possession (cameras) and then incorporate it into decor. And an outdoor-loving bride and groom might make their seating chart from rounds sawed off of a local tree!!! These place cards can also be taken home and enjoyed as coasters long after the wedding.

The final tribute way to incorporate the Portland Spirit into a wedding is through embracing the chalk! Chalk is such a simple way to add personality to a wedding. From the bottoms of glasses to signage it creates a background for displaying fonts and colors from the wedding decor!It is a versatile project that can be incorporated into many different styles of weddings and is a trend that we want to see more of!

PS. We love the idea of running through a tunnel of sparklers as you leave the reception. The magical feelings are the perfect way to end a perfect day!

Tattoo Bridesmaid • Voodoo Doughnuts • Champagne Glasses • Food Cart • Red Heels • Groomsmen • Toms Lace Shoes • Flowers • Sparklers • Seating Chart • Vintage Cameras • Dress • Welcome to Portland Sign

Pick a Seat!

I am so in LOVE with this idea of picking a seat not a side. Sometimes the drama is more than a bride and groom wants to deal with so allowing guests to choose where they sit for both the ceremony and reception is an easy solution to the problem!

This is such a sweet message that really showcases the truth about a wedding – two becoming one!

Joel Malia Carmelo & Raymond Alan Knutson

This real wedding comes to us with sunshine on its heels! Lets take a minute to remember how gorgeous this summer was in the NW, and share in the joy of this awesome couple’s perfect day!



 Joel & Ray’s gorgeous wedding was full of love, family, good food and happy times. Joel would like to give a word of thanks: “First to my loving mother.  She cooked and prepped everything for our traditional luau.  To my stepdad and his friends for cooking in the hot sun.  To all my loving friends and family who dedicated a whole day to witness our union, helping with setup and clean up, you guys are rockstars, you know who you are!  Especially to my childhood best friend Emerald, who flew from Hawai’i, with her 3 month old baby girl, Kailea.  And lastly, to my Husband — who put up with all my tantrums, you kept me sane! I love you all!”

The most personal and touching moments of their day included the special traditions they observed, both in the ceremony and reception. Joel’s favorites were the Hawaiian wedding dance to Keali’i Reichel, E pili mai, “…a gift to my husband”, and the exchanging of lei’s during their vow’s…  “A representation of our promises to each other”.

Joel’s special day included many details she made herself, from chalk-board label mason jars, to “Bride & Groom” signs for the back of their chairs. Her favorite DIY projects (which are just to die for!) included her Antique Brooch Bouquet, and “Make Your Own Smore’s” Bar. The decor was simple, summery, and very Joel & Ray.

The highlight of the day? “Trashing my wedding dress by jumping in the Lewis-ville river.” And one can hardly call it “trashing” the dress, doesn’t she look just stunning? Jumping in the river at the end of the day was such a special moment for the happy newly weds…Something they will never forget.  

When we asked Joel if she had any advice for Brides-to-Be, she said: “Planning a wedding is the most monumental thing in every woman’s life, so it’s difficult to not let things go, be sure to compromise and agree to disagree.  Live in every moment.  Remember to eat on your wedding day and try not to stress over every minor detail.  Laugh and enjoy the ride.”

July 21, 2012, Lewisville Park, WA, Photographer: Louisa Moriatti

Jewel Tones

One winter trend we want to share with you lovelies is the color-love-story between jewel tones and pastels. To DIE FOR. With such an infinite number of possible combinations, you simply can’t go wrong! We’re particularly loving this idea with florals and table scapes. Here are some pretty pictures below to show you what we mean! 

This trend is amazing for the winter time because of its unexpected brightness, glamourous tones, and amazing contrast with the natural palette of white winters. It can be used in any intensity, saturation, and event.

We’re even applying this idea to our gift-wrap, holiday party wear, and table scapes this winter! Think Christmas Tree Green, Velvet Plum, Cranberry Red, Glitter Gold & Ballet Slipper Pink! On that note — We here at Alder + Gold want to wish every single one of you the best things in life this Christmas….and the blessing of sharing those with the ones you love!

Now go hang-out with your families and find a way to utilize these luscious colors in your holiday adventures!


Alder + Gold

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Pearls are so classic, it almost seems as if they were made for weddings! Here is our take on incorporating pearls into your special day!

The inspiration for this board actually came from the photo of the navy skirt with the white sweater. This classic pairing would be perfect for bridesmaids, not an exact copy, but a navy dress with white flowers and pearls would do the trick.

We chose two very different ways to incorporate the pearl concept into this board. The first way is more of a illusion of pearls. The boutineers and the center bouquet are prime examples. These pieces embody the round softness of the pearl.  Another way we chose to highlight this aspect of the pearl was through the cake pop favors. Cake pops could very possibly be the next cupcake! The other photo that shows a more conceptual translation is the on the far right. Both the lights and the texture on the plates (you might need to smoosh your face into your screen to see it) are very pearl like. This nod to the roundness and lightness of pearls is a little more obscure, but will translate well into your celebration.

The other representation of pearls is very literal. We tried to show you several ways to incorporate the pearl in practical ways. The first is a traditional necklace and hair piece. Pearls do wonders as jewelry because they reflect light and seem to glow! As illustrated, there are several options. A multi-strand choker, a longer necklace or earrings. Another, less traditional, method is to use them in your bouquet. This broach bouquet is a trend that we love. What a unique way to incorporate past generations into your ceremony! We also love the pearl napkin rings and including a string of pearl beads with your champagne. It is a classy way to use these traditional wedding staples in an unexpected manner!

Boutonniere • Bride with necklace •   Champagne •  Lace Top • Brooch Bouquet •  Cotton Bouquet  • Cake Pops •  Lights and Plates Table Scape • Pearl Napkin Ring Table Scape • Bridesmaids

Garter Toss

On Saturday I attended a wedding and for the first time actually talked with a guy about the implications of being single during the garter toss. We were talking about ways to make it more fun. I got home and this was at the top of my pinterest. How could I resist sharing it with you?


The gist of the idea is that the DJ announces that the catcher of the garter wins a bottle of Crown Royal.

Here at Alder + Gold we think that you could customize the prize to fit your wedding aesthetic. Maybe it could be all the ingredients to the groom’s signature drink.